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CM Dance Kids specializes in creating customized educational dance programs for schools in the South Bay Area. We work closely with administrators, program directors and parents to provide an on-site dance curriculum that will not only enhance your student’s love of learning, but also enhance the enviroment of your school. CM Dance Kids delivers a top-quality teaching and administrative experience. As we ensure each class follows a level of excellence, we work hard to provide the excellent customer service administrators, parents and our students deserve.


CM Dance Kids is a dance program service created by CM Dance Company. CM Dance Company was started by Christine B. Maldonado in January 2013. After 10 years of teaching dance in multiple settings: after-school programs, community centers, private studios, theatre companies, corporate and private events, Christine earned a reputation for being able to teach in all settings to all ages. Thru referrals and word of mouth alone, Christine’s free-lance career as a choreographer and instructor was developed. Christine is driven by her personal mission and belief that her talent and love for dance is intended to serve the community.


My daughter has taken a number of ballet classes through different community centers in San Jose.  But it wasn’t until we met Ms. Christine did my daughter really find the fun in dancing while laughing and squealing with delight while learning dance phrases at the same time. Ms. Christine has a wonderful ability to work the children.  Her classes are structured, organized and fun.  As I sit outside of the classroom, I can hear the children laughing and enjoying themselves completely.  She has a natural ability to deal with children of all personalities: shy,  aggressive, grumpy, happy, etc… my daughter is one of those that likes to test limits and boundaries and see how far she can take it….well she quickly realized that Ms. Christine was on to her from the get go.  My daughter liked the class so much as well as I did, they she has been enrolled into her classes for 3-4 more sessions since the first one.   Thanks Ms. Christine for teaching my girl the love of ballet!

-Yelp Review

My daughter just completed a Tiny Tots Dance class with Ms. Christine.  She is 2 1/2 and absolutely loved the class.  Everyday, she would ask if she could go to ballet.  Originally, I was a little concerned that my daughter wouldn’t want to participate as this was her first class without me participating with her.  However, Ms. Christine is amazing with the children, and my daughter didn’t miss me at all.  It was a great class, and we’ll definitely enroll her with Ms. Christine again!

-Yelp Review

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